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What are the advantages of using LED glow juice cups?


What are the advantages of using LED glow juice cups?


LED light juice cup is a creative drink container that combines LED lights, Not only does it provide drinks,And a soft glow in the dark,Add to the atmosphere of a party or evening event. Describe the design of the LED flash juice cup, such as color, shape and size. Discuss which types of parties or events are most appropriate to use LED flash juice cups for.Share creative uses, such as theme parties, birthday parties, or holiday celebrations. Emphasizing LED light-emitting juice cups as a model of technology and design,To enhance the consumer experience and promote the importance of industry development.

Liquid must be added to activate the colorful LED that flashes at the bottom of the cup.When the glass is empty, the lights go out.When activated, the LED flashes, and the multi-colored LED lights change color with each notch.The change of color and glow is sure to be delightful.

The luminous cup is the right size, light weight, easy to store and carry.It can be placed on the desktop without taking up much space. The bottom of the cup is fitted with two button batteries, which are very easy to install and replace.With coins, you can unscrew the waterproof battery cover(If you need to replace the battery, please feel free to contact us) Include the battery. 

Luminous drink cups can also add fun atmosphere, When you turn off the lights in a room or a party,These glitter cups will give you an amazing visual appeal.The flicker effect also helps your guest remember which cup is his,It also adds a fun atmosphere to your party.
LED drinking glasses are a great party gift or decoration for nightclubs, holiday parties, birthdays, weddings, sporting events, festivals, night events, bars, etc.They will light up the event and make your event memorable.