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What are the characteristics of plastic serving trays?


What are the characteristics of plastic serving trays?


Bar service tray is an indispensable tool in bar service,It's not just about the efficiency and quality of the service, It also affects the customer's dining experience. Food meals server tray suitable for at home, restaurants, bars, parties and wherever you need breakfast, dinner, fruit, drinks and more. Plastic serving trays are made of heavy-duty plastic and premium rubber lined, which is very durable that can hold heavy items without bending, anti-scalding and have long use life. Serving tray is made of high quality plastic material, reliable and safe to use, even if the load is very heavy, it's not easy to bend, it's portable, easy to carry and provide long-lasting and reliable use

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Bar serving trays are designed with non-slip rubber surface and raised edge, which can prevent your glass slipping off, and keep your drinks stably. Great for transporting food& drinks, especially for glassware. Serving trays are easy to clean, just wipe them by wet napkin or soap water, and dry thoroughly. Great to carry with one hand and run a few drinks out to the pool, also used on patio table,You can also use them as a cosplay props.

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Made from high-quality reusable and recyclable materials, excellent wear resistance to ensure long-term use, top and bottom non-slip surfaces prevent spills and accidents, provide safe and practical solutions. Stackable for easy storage when not in use, perfect for holding food, drinks or desserts, these trays are ideal for restaurants, bars, cafes or at home. suitable for indoor and outdoor dining venues, catering events, weddings and parties. The surface of the service tray is smooth and does not stick to oil,carefully place the food, drink or dessert on the tray, make sure they are displayed in an attractive way.

Have your waiter set up for success with these non-slip round serving trays, it doesn't matter if your bar is the busiest in town or just starting out, make sure your server is running at peak efficiency from the kitchen to the dining area and back.