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What are the main advantages of custom branded LED bar mats?


What are the main advantages of custom branded LED bar mats?


LED bar mats are used to display and promote brands,They can insulate, absorb shock, seal and look beautiful,They keep the table clean.They are usually used at home or in entertainment venues, such as bars, hotels, dance halls, KTVs, etc. Some corporate LOGO and advertising content can be added on the surface, which is a good advertising promotion gifts.

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Can also be customized according to customer's needs, 2D, 3D or flat effects.The luminous bar mat also has the advantage of advertising,It is a bar mat specially used for filtering water in bars,When mixing drinks, the wine and juice will overflow on the bar,which looks unsightly and unhygienic. Therefore, PVC bar mat is one of the utensils used in bars, and it is also one of the very popular products

Application: Used in bars or large entertainment venues, It has anti-slip and shock-absorbing functions to protect cups from falling and breaking. To clean, wash in warm water or place in the dishwasher on a normal cycle, For storage, roll or fold this dish drying mat and place in a cupboard, For safety, place the mat in boiling water and dry BPA free. The raw materials have been tested and certified by SGS, a professional testing agency.They have passed the EU environmental standards.This material is comfortable to the touch, wear-resistant and waterproof. It has strong plasticity and novel shape, and can be made into 2D plane and 3D relief effects.You can print the company's logo, logo, and various cartoon images. It is an ideal product for advertising and promotion.