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Why choose stainless steel Cocktail Jigger?


Why choose stainless steel Cocktail Jigger?


This is a very stylish two-ended measuring cup, Wine set for accurate liquid measurement, generally different capacities at both ends, small in the middle, easy to hold, dual gauge design allows you to either adjust,or drinks can be successfully completed drinks or wine. For home bartenders,having a set of professional bartender tools can greatly enhance the fun and efficiency of bartender,stainless steel wine gauge for its practicality and durability,Became a good helper in the family bartender.

Stainless steel wine measuring apparatus with its durability, accuracy, health and safety, versatility and beautiful features,It is an indispensable tool in both professional bars and home bartender. This cocktail jigger has everything a bar needs, Perfect measurement of the drink every time. This bar measuring tool is coated with stainless steel, ergonomic and comfortable to use.

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Stainless steel gauges are easy to clean and maintain, Simply rinse with water or wipe with a damp cloth to remove the residual liquor and keep it bright as new. The most commonly used models of measuring cup combinations are: 15 ml and 30 ml, 45 ml and 60 ml,the selection of the measuring cup is related to the cup capacity of the service beverage,when using a stainless steel measuring cup, the wine should be filled to the rim of the measuring cup.

There's another one, flat and thick cocktail jigger with a standard scale. when measuring wine in a measuring cup, the wine should be poured to the mark,each time the measuring cup must be emptied of wine, and then the measuring cup upside down on the leak plate, drain the remaining wine from the measuring cup so that the flavors of the different wines do not mix,If the measuring cup contains sticky beverages, such as milk, juice, etc., it should be rinsed before being used to measure other beverages.