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Customized 3L LED plastic beer tower dispenser cocktail Beer Tower

Luminous Beer Tower

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Customized 3L LED plastic beer tower dispenser cocktail Beer Tower

Material: ABS

Logo: Customized Logo Acceptable

Color/Style: Gold/Silver, double head

Capacity: 1.5 liters, 2 liters, 3 liters, 5 liters

Usage scenario: Hotels, bars, catering, camping, event gatherings

Beer Tower dispenser:

Single/double head options.

Adapt to different scenarios and meet individual needs.


    Product Dispaly

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    1.Made of safe and impact-resistant ABS plastic material, Stable base, strong and durable, Not easy to deform, break,Sliding or tipping, Can stay in good condition for a long time.
    2.Drink dispenser's 7 color gradient LED lights add a fun and lively atmosphere to any occasion, whether it's a Christmas carnival, a birthday party or any other celebration,the LED light is not waterproof, please remove it when cleaning.
    3.The wine barrel made of food grade material is not only resistant to falling, but also crystal clear after adding alcohol,The precise coordination of the wine head ensures smooth wine production without any leakage.
    4.When using the beer dispenser, ice can be added to the icicles to cool them down, or the icicles can be disassembled and consumed at room temperature.
    5.The ice tube not only provides an attractive glow but also helps to keep the beer cool. Slow Melting,This slow melting ensures that the ice doesn't rapidly melt into the beer and cause dilution.

     Beer Tower Beverage Dispenser with LED Lights

    1.Multifunctional apply to Cold Drink, Tea, Fruit Juice and Beverage
    2.Energy-efficient LED lights bring more fun and features, foil atmosphere
    3.You can count on an accurate and reliable pour every time

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